Our extensive industry experience includes Energy & Utility, Restaurant, Finance, Retail, Insurance, Transportation & Warehousing, and more.


With years of energy sector experience including implementations for one of the world's largest utilities, Seaside Software Solutions has signficant experience with software development, system integration, ERP implementations, and more.


Software Development

We have significant experience designing, developing, and enhancing software systems used for key functions such as customer service, inspections, work management, metering, and more.

System Integration

We have years of experience connecting utility systems to internal systems and key partners. Our expertise extends across Microsoft, Oracle, Mainframe, and the Cloud. We connect you to banks, suppliers, warehouses, benefits providers, and more.



We have significant utility industry experience with implementations of Oracle e-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and more. We are experts at connecting your ERP to internal systems and external partners.

Leverage our extensive restaurant operations restaurant experience to start and grow your restaurant.

Services Include:

  • POS System Planning and Implementation

  • Food & Bar Cost Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Kitchen Management (Consulting)

From Wall Street to Main Street, Seaside Software Solutions has significant experience in finance, from institutional trading to business finance, to integrating finance systems with internal systems and partners.


We have significant wholesale and retail industry experience including high-volume online sales, and product development for placement in major grocery chains. 


We have solid experience in the insurance industry, including the ground-up development of an insurance quoting system designed to handle the unique quoting requirements of each of the 50 states.


Seaside Software Solutions has extensive supply chain experience including the implementation of systems for inventory management, warehouse management, and ERP integration.